I am an assistant professor (מרצה בכירה) at the Computer Science Department, at the Technion. I work on methods to improve performance and reliability of storage in large scale data centers, focusing on complex hierarchies and enhanced storage interfaces. Topics of interest include caching, content distribution, optimizations for flash based storage, erasure coding, deduplication, workload characterization, and improved analysis tools.

Research Projects
  • SSDPlayer: an open source graphical tool for visualizing data layout and movement on flash devices. It is designed to give a better understanding of how data gets from one place to another and why.
  • Reusable SSD: write-once memory (WOM) codes can be used to program flash pages several times before they are erased. This project deals with the practical limitations of applying such codes to MLC flash in real SSDs.
  • Cooperative Caching (2009-2014): I was an academic member in the Net-HD (Networking HDTV from the Open Internet) Consortium, within the FCDN working group. Net-HD is part of the MAGNET program, supported by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry.